As summer is ending and fall is approaching, the opportunity to use the excuse of using a week-long vacation as a “cheat” day is gone, but don’t switch to using oversized sweaters to hide the extra holiday weight. Here are a few tips and exciting reasons why you should jumpstart your fall weight-loss!

Your daily routine can be interrupted when beach days and boat days start to take over your schedule during the summer, but in August, as back-to-school season starts, getting back into a routine gets much easier. Take this opportunity to not only refresh your schedule, but your eating habits as well.

Fruits and vegetables are delicious year-round! From September through November, fruits and veggies like brussel sprouts, squash, jalapeño peppers, pears, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and turnips are in their prime. Just think about all the delicious home-made meals!

During the summer, especially in the Lowcountry, any type of soup is pretty much out of the question. When the fall weather starts to roll in, we can finally bring out our slow cookers for some tasty soups, or warm dinners. Use some of the in-season vegetables to make an easy vegetable soup, make stuffed peppers, or create a healthy tailgate appetizer! The options are endless.

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