It’s back to school season which means most of you are trying to lose the weight you gained over the summer with daily happy hours, cookouts, and vacation meals. The answer to lose weight fast? Most people think of course, crash diet because more often than not, people start preparing too late or too close to the date of the event. Crash dieting is inevitable because of many reasons. The first is that people have unrealistic expectations. The second is that people are lazy and want results with minimal effort. The third is that dieting isn’t that enjoyable, and shorter is usually better and preferred.


So how do you lose weight quickly the safe and effective way?

Here are three things NOT to do:

1. The water diet

No one can exist on just water. You need a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to support body functions. Water is simply not enough.

2. The cabbage soup diet

No one wants to eat cabbage soup all day. To make cabbage soup delicious you would have to add so many flavors, salt and whatnot to bring it to life. In the interest of overall health, it is not sustainable and leaves room for unhealthy additives in your food.

3. Ketogenic diet

High fat diets are said to be good for weight loss, but again, this is not a balanced diet because it cuts out carbohydrates almost completely in order to induce ketosis.

The answer:

The EQ Balance hCG diet is your best bet for several reasons. It’s sustainable because it taps the source of the problem; by targeting the hypothalamus gland, you are left with an increased metabolism so that you burn more calories even while at rest. Exercises isn’t even a required activity, but of course you’re open to adding in light activities should you wish to.

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