Before and after a diet, girl surprised by measuring waistRapid fat loss diets are grueling to even to the most seasoned dieters. Without the fat and the carbohydrates, you will be consuming primarily protein and only trace amounts of dietary fat with little to no carbohydrates at all. With Ketogenic Diets that are high in dietary fat, you feel full longer so it’s a bit easier to go without carbohydrates. On the other hand, High Carbohydrate Diets counteract the lower fat intake by filling you up with low glycemic index foods that are high in fiber so that you feel full longer. Rapid fat loss diets are both low in carbohydrates and dietary fat and as such, can make you feel very miserable because you will be hungry all the time.

Are rapid fat loss diets effective?

There’s no doubt that rapid fat loss diets are effective in the short term, it is a form of crash dieting after all. But, there’s a big downside. For one, very few people can manage to be on this diet without cheating for longer than a couple of days, especially if you do any sort of physical activity. Why? The body simply doesn’t have any fuel sources other than protein, and even then, only a small fraction of that will be converted to glycogen via gluconeogenesis. For the most part, you’re going to just have to deal with performing in a depleted state.

HCG Protocol vs. Rapid Fat Loss Diets

The HCG Protocol by comparison is much more sustainable because it deals directly with bodily functions and not just by fooling the body’s hunger signals. By doing this, you can expect long term weight loss that you can continue in the years to come instead of just a few days.

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