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Welcome to hCG Diet in Equilibium Hilton Head! This web portal was generated to disseminate information to all of the residents of Hilton Head Island, Savannah and its neighboring areas regarding weight loss programs to help one lose those stubborn body fat.

We have recently added Dr. Chris LeBlanc to our team as a Medical Director.

Despite its recent rise to fame, the hCG diet by ATW Simeons has been around for approx. 50 years and it is one of the few innovative weight loss offer available commercially today. The hCG diet program by Equilibrium works through a simple lifestyle modification without the need for strenuous exercise and/or starvation.

In simple language, the prime focus of hCG diet program is to lose the excess body fat while maintaining one’s current muscle mass. There have been several cases when individuals lose weight rapidly, that they lose also the muscle tissues as well as leaving excess “skin flaps” which are unsightly to behold at which is just the same as being overweight. With the hCG diet, one will quickly and easily lose weight sans excess “skin flaps.” This works as hCG naturally tightens the skin making it more toned.

The program has a simple treatment philosophy and that is to develop the novel combination of high quality hCG injections and a low calorie diet which will help individuals be in their best possible shape of their lives.

Normally, other diet programs require intense sacrifices and hassles of either working out or consuming lavish and difficult-to-make meals. This is not the scenario with hCG Diet, in addition to a licensed dietary and medical physician will help one go through the program step by step.

If one is serious about weight loss, then this is the right program. The hCG Diet aims to get every client to be in his or her best shape always. So if one is interested and wants to know more about this program, then one contact and have a consultation scheduled immediately. This is free of charge and no pressure is given. Ultimately it is one’s own decision if this is the right weight loss program.



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