The success of the Equilibrium hCG diet Hilton Head depends upon the commitment of the individual towards a complete lifestyle change. This regime is a treatment that entails a holistic approach towards weight loss. So in order to maximize the results and benefits from this plan, some advice, reminders, and tips will be provided to supplement the diet regime.

1. The Initial Fat-Loading Phase and The Low-calorie Diet Program

It is to be assumed that when in a weight loss program, one should stay away from high fat foods. However, the hCG Diet strongly recommends a fat loading phase which seems a bit counter-intuitive. However, it is extremely important that this initial phase is strictly adhered to. As you go through this program, you will understand the value and necessity of consuming high fat foods during the initial 2 days of the diet regime and the proper way of doing it. Starvation is never an option in any weight loss program, as it is both unhealthy and temporary. The body needs food, but it can be regulated to be a low-calorie diet. This will bring about the maximal results of the program, as this will supplement the appetite suppressant, hCG, which will give a full feeling while having consumed less than the usual amount of calories. Thus, this indeed is a vital factor to one’s overall success in the hCG Diet.

2. On Water and off Diet Drinks!

In addition, it is also important to drink lots of water, roughly a one oz of water per pound of body weight, while undergoing the hCG Diet Program on Hilton Head Island. This will prevent dehydration while aiding with daily functions of the body keeping it on a high metabolic state. In relation to drinking, one needs to avoid any form of carbonated drinks including diet sodas, such as crystal light as well as diet coke. This is to ensure the success of this weight loss program.

3. Cardio Exercises are Optional

Being in a holistic approach, diets and other supplements need not be the only basis for the success of the program. Exercise and keeping the body healthy and fit, is also important and will contribute in the overall success of this regime. In particular, cardio workouts such as 30 minutes on treadmill 2 to around 3 times per week, though not mandatory will most likely accelerate the benefits received.


Given all these, if one is really serious about health and one is quite certain that this diet plan fits them just right, then our Hilton Head may be a help in achieving one’s desired results.


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