Happy First day of Fall! As you probably have experienced when trying to lose weight for the summer, losing weight on your own can be a challenge. Knowing what to eat and how much to eat can be tricky, and after a while, weight loss may start to seem near impossible. Is your goal this Fall to slim down just in time for the holidays?


Your ideal fit would be at a weight management clinic. At EQ Balance, we help people who need to lose a significant amount of weight, as well as people who have just that last bit of summer weight they can’t seem to shed.

Why Use a Clinic?

  • If you are going to follow the EQ Balance hCG diet plan, you must do so through a weight loss clinic. The hCG diet should only be followed under the supervision of someone who has experience helping people lose weight with hCG.
  • Using a clinic is much safer than dieting on your own, as crash diets can wreak havoc on your body and cause medical problems. Going to a clinic means your health (as well as your progress) will be monitored.
  • A diet clinic gives you a support system you would not have otherwise. The clinic you use should provide you with plenty of resources to help you achieve maximum weight loss.

Why Choose EQ Balance?

  • We stay with you even after the program is over to help you maintain your weight loss.
  • Unlike many other weight management clinics, our office has a licensed MD on staff to guide you on your weight loss journey safely and healthily. Medically supervised weight loss is much safer, and often much more effective.
  • We offer 24/7 support for our patients so you can always get answers to your questions.

Weight loss with hCG is much easier, safer, and more effective when you have the help of a weight loss clinic. If you are serious about losing weight, your first step should be to find a qualified, trustworthy weight loss center. Call us today to get started losing weight!

Also, don’t forget to vote for EQ Balance in the Hilton Head Monthly Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Weight Loss!


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