Are you shying away from your favorite summer bathing suit because of some extra baggage? Then it is time to take action and look the best you can this summer. If you are planning a vacation or are feeling insecure when you go to the beach, look no further! You can lose weight in a fast manner and the best option is to take up the hCG Diet.

Lose weight with the EQ Balance hCG Diet


Hormones play a great role in affecting the metabolism of our body. Adjusting the activity of the hormones can go a great way in putting the metabolism into its higher level of activity. HCG is a pregnancy hormone which seems to play an important role in enhancing the aspect of losing weight. The benefits from the hCG injections are:

1) Quick weight loss results – There are patients who have lost at least one pound per day which is an amazing achievement.
2) High levels of energy – Because the hCG diet is a low-calorie diet many think it will leave you grouchy, hungry and listless. Such diets will not work for you in the long run but the hCG diet, although a low-calorie diet, will not harm your body in this manner. You are not starving on the hCG diet and it will help you to burn the fat stores in a faster manner.
3) No loss of muscle mass – With the hCG diet, there will be no loss in muscle mass as the hCG injections will definitely help you in losing the fat content of the body.
4) Reduction in the appetite – Although patients usually follow a 500-calorie diet while being on the hCG diet, they do not feel hungry or starved, and have high energy levels to attend to their work.

For most women, the thought of wearing a bathing suit can carry a lot of stress. If you are amongst them, visit EQ Balance so that you can understand the real benefits of the hCG diet program.

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