Though you are not required to exercise while on the Equilibrium Protocol, you may want to anyway for other benefits such as flexibility, better posture and proper breathing. A combination of our 500-calorie diet program and Bikram Yoga could be the perfect combination for you.

How is Bikram Yoga Unique?

Bikram Yoga is associated with their “torture chambers” because the whole purpose of Bikram is to heat the room up to warm the body, which in turn, is supposed to help you stretch your muscles for better flexibility. Another goal of Bikram Yoga is overall fitness and health, so you can also expect to gain a bit of muscle tone especially your core.

The Combination of Equilibrium hCG and Bikram Yoga

If you’re looking for a healthy combination, Bikram Yoga may be a good option especially if you’ve never been to keen on lifting weights. You also have to consider life after Equilibrium because you’re going to have to continue living the healthy lifestyle we try to impart with you, so signing up for any fitness regimen could be highly beneficial in the long run.

Another option for you to try is Hatha Yoga in combination with Bikram Yoga if you don’t want to be cooped up in a sauna-like environment everytime you work out. It takes some getting used to, but in cold climates or during cold seasons, it helps to have an outlet where you can really sweat and purge your impurities and toxins.


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