Counting calories can be tiresome after a while. Measuring everything and making sure that everything is exactly as much as it should be is crucial to keeping to your calorie limit. The question is, what do you cut out from your meals to shave off calories? Here are some ideas:

1. Condiments

If you must, opt for mustard above everything else. Mustard contains almost no calories and is pretty much just salt. Calorie-wise, mustard is the way to go. Ketchup may have carbs unless it’s the sugar-free type. Mayonnaise is mostly fat, and in some cases, it even has sugar, so it’s a poor choice. Barbeque sauces are also a no-no because they can be full of sugar as well.

2. Salad Dressing

When it comes to salad dressings, go for the vinaigrette. No vinaigrette? Make your own with some lemon juice and pepper. Step away from the thousand island and caesar dressings because the creamy ones are usually cream-based or mayonnaise-based. In general, clear dressings are a far better alternative.

3. Toppings

In general, ice cream and even frozen yogurt aren’t a wise choice calorie-wise. What makes them worse, however, are the toppings that people usually add to them. For example, 3 scoops of ice cream and a banana are already a lot to begin with, but if you add gummy bears, chocolate chips and marshmallows to that, you’re going to be in a load of trouble. Another thing is with salads. If it’s just greens and a clear dressing, you’re in the clear, but add bacon bits and croutons to that and it’s easily another hundred calories more.

Hopefully these ideas will help you shave off calories from your daily limit. Contact our clinic in Savannah to learn more about how our Equilibrium Protocol can help you lose weight the safe way!


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