It doesn’t matter how attached you are to Equilibrium – you’re going to have to do without it someday. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn how to live a healthy life without the additional help from supplements or weight loss aids. While they come in handy to jumpstart your progress, it will be too easy for you to slip back into your old ways if you don’t make some changes. Here are five ways you can stay healthy and fit after Equilibrium:

1. Do your own household chores.

You may or may not be doing this already, but you do need to at least do you own chores so you have some form of exercise even if you can’t find time to go to the gym or engage in any sports. On its own, doing the laundry isn’t much, but add that to walking the dog, vacuuming every room, cleaning up after the kids, and cooking three meals a day, and you’ve got yourself a decent workout. As long as you find ways to keep moving and get your heart pumping, you’re doing your part.

2. Avoid excessive seasoning on your food.

You don’t need to drown your food in too much seasoning. Salt, especially, can cause some harmful effects. The risk of developing or worsening your disease because of excess salt increases as you grow older, so find alternatives to take its place. Try herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary, sage or oregano instead.

3. Don’t eat out too often.

Don’t eat out too often unless the restaurant serves healthy food in sensible portions. Often times we forget our diets when we’re out simply because there aren’t any healthy options available or the portions are good enough for two. If you were to drop by Mcdonald’s for example, you’d be hard pressed to find something under 300 calories, if any. Those 300 calories may not even amount to much, maybe just a small chicken wrap that you can demolish in a few bites. It’s a much safer bet to eat at home before heading out.

4. Get a pet, preferably anything that needs to be walked.

A dog is practical because it needs to be walked daily. That’s another example of how you can find ways to keep fit.

5. Invest in a good blender.

Investing in a good blender means being able to make shakes or smoothies quickly and easily. This comes in handy when you don’t have time to cook and are rushing to go to work. Blending a few fruits and/or vegetables together makes for a perfect pick-me-up or snack to get you through the next hour or two until you can have a more substantial meal.

These are just five simple tips to help you stay on track. Contact our clinic in Savannah to learn more about life after Equilibrium!


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