There is immense power that is vested in the clutches of the hCG diet and it can not only help you lose weight but it can also help in changing your overall lifestyle. This will help you to prevent the occurrence of diseases and will encourage you to lead an active lifestyle. Let us find out the right way to kick start your hCG diet.

Step No:1 Call Us!

– Start by scheduling an appointment with our weight loss clinic at Hilton Head. The first consultation from our side will be free and you will be under no obligation for joining our program.
– You get the chance to visit our office and to meet our friendly staff Elyse & Jenny.
– You can also view the real patients’ testimonials that have lost enormous amount of weight while being on the hCG diet.
– You also get educated about losing weight with hCG diet.

Step No:2 Getting Yourself Ready

– You will get a lot of information on your first appointment with us and you will get the knowledge of what foods you must eat while you are on the hCG diet plan. You must make sure that you stock up a lot of healthy foods in your house so that you eat right all the time.
– Cleaning your kitchen is also a good way to start your journey with the hCG diet and in this way, you can throw out all the junk food from your house. Many a times, the thought of having junk food close to you, may tempt you to eat them even if you are not hungry. Hence, when you start with the hCG diet, you can break away from your eating habits.
– Design your own meal plans in advance so that you do not have to look for food when you are hungry.
– Low-glycemic fruits such as apples, oranges, strawberries and grapefruits are the right choices while you are on the diet and vegetables like broccoli and spinach are good too.
– Investing in a grill will be a good place to start with your weight loss journey. This will help you in making your lean meats in a faster manner with lesser calories.

When you visit our clinic, our hCG diet doctor will give you the right advice related in losing weight and to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are satisfied with your initial consultation, you can call us to set an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

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