Patients who are diabetic and suffer from weight problems; there is only one solution to the problem which is to take up the unique weight loss method known as the hCG diet. Our weight loss clinic in Hilton Head will be more than happy to help you with your weight situation and if you have been suffering with Type 2 diabetes, then you will find that the hCG diet can even help you to cure your medical condition.

Patients suffering from diabetes have to take special care with regards to what they put in their mouth as they need to constantly make sure that their blood sugar levels are stabilized throughout the day. Most of the diets do not work for the diabetics as there may be no alternative in order to control the blood sugar level in the body. However, the hCG diet seems to perfectly fit the need of the diabetic people.

What are the important difference between the other diets and the hCG diet?

– The hCG diet emphasizes to its patients that they must consume only real and natural foods instead of the fake and processed diet foods which is used in the other fad diets.
– There is only very low sugar which is used in the foods that are included in the hCG diet. Although fruits are an important part of the hCG diet yet the fruits that are used in the diet are those which are low in sugar.
– The hCG diet has been formulated in such a manner that it does not only concentrate on the number of calories that are used in by the weight loss patient. Although counting of the calories that are consumed is quite important on the diet, yet the foods that are consumed are generally healthy foods and hence they help in enhancing the overall health of the body.

How does the hCG diet help people who have diabetes?

Patients with Type 1 diabetes

– The type 1 diabetics are mainly caused due to genetics and usually occur during childhood.
– People who suffer from type 1 diabetes can definitely make use of the hCG diet in order to lose their weight and to achieve better health as well.
– The low sugar usage in the hCG diet fits the need of the diabetic people.
– As everyone on the hCG diet is medically supervised, it helps the diabetic people to take care of their health and to make sure that their dietary needs are met.

Patients with Type 2 diabetes

– The occurrence of Type 2 diabetes is with relation to the way the patient leads his lifestyle and it is mostly seen in people who are obese or are overweight.
– For people with this kind of diabetics, by adopting the hCG diet, they can surely get themselves out of this kind of diabetes.
– The best way to control the type 2 diabetes is to effectively manage the blood sugar level in the body.
– As the type 2 diabetics are caused by unhealthy weight, the hCG diet can help control this in the best manner.

The special dietary requirements of the diabetics’ people can be effectively controlled by following the hCG diet which should be practiced only under the medical supervision of a licensed MD. If you are looking out for additional information regarding how hCG diet can help you control your diabetes, please visit our medically supervised weight loss clinic Hilton Head.


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