Hilton Head Island is a popular vacation destination, and the lifestyle is all about enjoying the coast. When you live near the beach, you of course want to be sure you feel good wearing a bathing suit. If your body isn’t beach-ready, let our weight loss center help you!

Weight Loss Using hCG

  • We use the hCG diet plan to help our patients achieve weight loss they never dreamed possible. Patients who visit our Equilibrium weight management clinics see results unattainable with most other diet programs.
  • The best part about the hCG diet is that it is very simple to follow. Patients follow a low calorie meal plan and take injections of hCG, a naturally occurring hormone. In a very short amount of time, they lose an incredible amount of weight – the majority of which is pure body fat.
  • The foods you’ll eat while on the hCG diet are natural and delicious fruits, vegetables, and meats; the diet also teaches you to enjoy healthy foods so you can maintain your results.
  • Our patients lose weight from their thighs, butt, arms, and other “problem areas” so they can look great on the beach!

Benefits of Losing Weight with hCG

Why should you try the hCG diet? Simply put, because it will change your life.

  • Weight loss has numerous benefits. Reducing the amount of body fat you have decreases your risk for several diseases and health conditions. hCG helps you reach a healthy weight quickly yet safely.
  • hCG causes your body to release stored body fat. The reason many of our patients do not feel hungry during the hCG diet is that their bodies are feeding off of this body fat, burning it for energy. hCG turns your body into a fat burning machine!
  • Weight loss with hCG is easy… and permanent, because it is almost all fat you are losing. Crash diets cause the weight to come right back once the diet is over – hCG permanently changes your body and the way it burns fat.

An Equilibrium Beach Body Awaits You!

Don’t let your weight stop you from looking and feeling the way you want to. Our Equilibrium hCG diet center provides weight loss help for Hilton Head Island and Savannah residents, as well as the surrounding areas. To start losing weight with the hCG diet, contact our Hilton Head weight loss clinic today!

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