Our Hilton Head Island hCG clinic produces amazing results for our patients. Using the hCG diet, we help our patients shed pounds and pounds of fat in a very short amount of time. It’s no wonder so many people want to know what the secret is!




How Does hCG Work for Weight Loss?

  • hCG is a naturally occurring human hormone produced by females when they are pregnant. In pregnant women, one of the functions of hCG is to make sure the fetus receives enough nutrition (calories) to maximize its chance for survival. hCG does this by releasing stored fat into the mother’s bloodstream when enough nutrition is not found due to factors such as under eating or morning sickness.
  • hCG basically works the same when injected by non-pregnant humans. When you combine hCG with a food specific, reduced calorie eating plan, hCG will pull stored fat into the bloodstream to meet the body’s metabolic needs that are not being met by the calories being consumed. And, since the body’s metabolic needs are being 100% met with the stored fat, the body finds no reason to decrease the metabolism despite the reduced calorie eating plan. The result is that each day, the patient loses the caloric difference from fat between what they are eating and what their body requires to live.

Keeping the Weight Off After the hCG Diet

  • What you do after completing our hCG diet program is absolutely critical to make sure that your hypothalamus gland is totally re-programmed. This change is necessary to maintain the weight level that you have reached by using hCG.
  • In our weight loss clinics, we have treated approximately 2,500 patients using hCG. From all of these experiences we have developed an 8-week Transition and Maintenance Plan during which we work with each patient to make sure the hypothalamus gland is re-programmed, and that you have sufficient knowledge of meal planning and caloric intake. This way you can be sure you are consuming the right quantity and types of foods to achieve proper energy balance and weight maintenance.

The hCG diet is a revolutionary solution for getting rid of unwanted body fat. To learn more about our Hilton Head Island hCG diet or to schedule your first appointment, call us today!

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