Weight Loss Clinic Hilton Head The Weight Loss Clinic Hilton Head fully understands the immense properties and goodness of apples which is the reason why the clinic strongly recommends its clients to eat an apple every day. Including an apple in our daily diet is bound to enhance our health as apple is one such compound that is filled with the right nutrients and minerals.

Apples are a treasure-house of vitamins and minerals as they are filled with Vitamin C, phyto nutrients, phenols and flavanoids. The Vitamin C in apples enables our body to create a healthy immune system and prevents us from falling sick.  As a result, our body develops a fine resistance power which helps us to fight unwanted infections and diseases. The flavanoids in apples offers support in fighting against the incidence of heart diseases and certain types of cancers. Phenols are also present in apples and they increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and help in reducing the bad cholesterols. The phytonutrients enable the body to develop resistance in preventing the occurrence of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Apples are also responsible in keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay as the apple juice can kill 80 percent of the bacteria that cause cavities in teeth.

By glancing through some of the above-mentioned benefits from apple, it will be much easier for us to include tasty and rich apples as a part of our diet plan long after we’ve been to our Hilton Head Weight Loss Clinic.


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