Do you know what it’s like to completely get off track and see months of hard work go down the drain? Have you binged in the last few months to the point where you know you’ve taken yourself a few steps back? Don’t you worry, it has happened to the best of us. So how do you stay motivated when you’ve regressed?

1. Don’t turn a cheat day into a cheat week/month.

Some of us think that because we’ve completely let go for the day, it justifies letting go for the whole week or even for a whole month. One more meal couldn’t possibly hurt. One more day couldn’t do that much damage. I’ve already pigged out for a week, might as well make it a month.

DON’T fall into that cycle. One less cheat eaten is one less cheat that you’re going to pay for. Don’t risk months of progress for a few weak moments. Think of where you’re going to be 6 months down the road and envision that the next time you’re tempted.

2. Surround yourself with people with similar goals.

If your friends are on a mission to gain weight, and you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to avoid being around them come eating time. While it is not encouraged that you be anti-social and shut yourself out, you can try to compromise by meeting with them at the gym, or for walks around the neighborhood instead. It can be more difficult to say no when you’re the odd man/woman out of the group. Sometimes you’ll do it because of peer pressure. “One bite won’t hurt,” they’ll say. Yes, one bite certainly won’t make too big a difference, but not everyone will stop at one bite.

Structure social gatherings around neutral activities that benefit all of you in the group.

3. Accept it and move on.

Don’t beat yourself up over a few moments of weakness. Assess the mistakes you’ve made and form a game plan to fix whatever you may have caused. Getting stuck in a rut and wallowing in self-pity will not help you achieve your goals, so get your butt of the couch and do something. Accept it and move on. Learn from your mistakes and avoid them next time. If you know that you can’t stop at one piece of chocolate and end up eating the whole box, never buy a whole box. If you can’t control yourself at a breakfast buffet, skip the buffet and order room service. Small adjustments lead to long-term results.

If you need help with your lifestyle change, don’t hesitate to contact us over at our clinic in Savannah. We’re happy to be of service! Let’s kickstart your healthy lifestyle now!


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