shutterstock_71601301If you find yourself frequenting fast food restaurants whether by preference or by convenience, this diet is for you. Though it sounds impossible for a Fast Food Diet to be for weight loss, some doctors believe that there is some truth to it, so long as you choose menu items carefully and you exercise regularly.

What is the Fast Food Diet?

In a nutshell, the Fast Food Diet is a six-week guide for choosing only the healthiest and most nutritious options from practically every major fast food restaurant available, from breakfast to dinner as well as snacks.

What Can You Eat?

Things like fruit parfaits or cocktails, chili, grilled chicken, baked potatoes or burger sliders are allowed. Anything fried is not allowed, same with sodas or sweetened juices. Salads are also a must, and staying away from the bread basket is recommended, unless it’s whole grain. For dressings and condiments, plain is preferred, though vinaigrette is also allowed.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

If your diet is already high in fat and calories, the Fast Food Diet may do you some good. But otherwise, it’s still a bad idea for weight loss because Fast Food in general is unhealthy. You can’t exactly get turkey bacon on wheat bread with avocado at McDonald’s, can you?

What We Think

While the Fast Food Diet may sound appealing to busy mothers and on-the-go businessmen, there’s no substitute for a well-planned diet plan such as the Equilibrium Protocol. Quick, easy and delicious meals to satisfy the 500-calorie diet plan.


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