The Paleo diet has raised some concerns amidst today’s other diets because of the ‘primitive’ aspect of it. Doing what our ancestors were doing centuries upon centuries ago doesn’t sound too appealing, but it has worked for a select few. It involves giving up legumes, refined sugar, processed oils, dairy products, processed sugar and grains, which could be close to impossible for some people. That said, here are some other factors for you to consider:

1. The Paleo diet requires you to give up a number of foods and ingredients such as processed oils, dairy products, refined sugar, grains and legumes, unlike the Equilibrium Diet which has less limitations on the kind of food you eat, so long as you observe the 500-calorie limit.
2. Two short weeks could be enough for you to see results while on the Equilibrium Diet, while the Paleo diet requires at least around 30 days for the results.
3. It could be costly purchasing only all-natural, organic products that could be doing you more harm than good, so be prepared to invest in your future, like others are doing from all over the world.

We understand the attraction to lesser diets, and we’re here to help you get back on track. Contact our clinic now to start!


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