Have you been struggling with weight loss? If so, you probably know the health risks associated with being overweight. Extra body fat puts one at risk for a multitude of health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes, among others. Being overweight can also be damaging to one’s self esteem and social life.

If you are overweight, you’re not alone. Obesity rates in America are higher than ever before; about 68 percent (over 2/3) of Americans are overweight. But at our Savannah weight loss clinic, we’re out to change the statistics for people living in the Savannah/Hilton Head area. Using the hCG diet, our patients lose large amounts of weight in a very short amount of time. For many, the results are unbelievable.

The Last Diet You’ll Need

  • Have you tried fad diets only to find they do not work? The hCG diet is very different from other diets on the market – in fact, we’re confident it will be the last diet you need.
  • The hCG diet is based on two ideas: following a low calorie diet, and receiving injections of high quality hCG.
  • hCG, a naturally occurring hormone, causes the body to quickly rid itself of extra fat.
  • The difference between the hCG diet and other diets on the market is noticeable. The hCG diet doesn’t cause feelings of extreme hunger, does not require heavy exercise, and produces quick results.
  • The amount of weight lost per week on the hCG diet is much higher than with most fad diets.

Transform Your Body with our Savannah Clinic

  • At our hCG diet clinic, we offer medically supervised weight loss. You will follow the hCG diet under the supervision of a licensed MD.
  • We provide our patients with all the tools they’ll need to lose weight quickly and easily.
  • Our weight loss clinic serving Savannah, Hilton Head, and surrounding areas is staffed by people who are ready to meet you and help you lose unwanted pounds.

It’s time to start living a healthier, happier life! To begin your hCG diet, just give our Savannah hCG diet clinic a call and schedule your free initial consultation.

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