The Equilibrium weight loss program, now located convenient to Savannah and Hilton Head residents, is a program that has the potential to change your life entirely. Losing weight with our hCG diet plan can improve  your health, make you look better, and most importantly, improve your self esteem. If you’re ready to shed unwanted and dangerous fat, it’s time to look into the hCG diet.

A few benefits of the hCG diet

  • Using hCG for weight loss allows you to lose a significant amount of weight. Most patients lose a substantial amount of weight, depending on how long they follow the diet. Most diets you’d lose that amount after a whole week of diet and exercise.
  • You will lose the weight rapidly. Our program lets patients choose how long they stay on the diet (typically 4-10 weeks).
  • The hCG diet does not involve heavy exercise. We recommend light exercises to further your weight loss success, but it is not necessary to work out in order to see results with the hCG diet.

Why choose Equilibrium?

You may have seen hCG diet kits for sale online and wondered, Why not just purchase these products on my own? The fact is, most of these products will not help you reach your weight loss goals. For optimal weight loss using hCG, it’s best to use a clinic with doctors who have spent years studying the hCG diet. Our Savannah hCG clinic is medically supervised, which is not true for most hCG clinics.

  • Homeopathic hCG drops, often sold online, have been outlawed by the FDA because they do not work. They are a diluted form of hCG.
  • At Equilibrium Savannah-Hilton Head, we only use legal, prescribed hCG injections. This form of hCG is the form used by Dr. ATW Simeons, the creator of the hCG diet, and is the form that will provide the best weight loss results.
  • Using Equilibrium offers constant support and medical advice. Patients receive thorough diet guidelines to ensure they will see the results they’re seeking. During the diet, you’ll also have regular appointments with our MD. We make following the hCG diet easy!

Ready to lose the weight? Simply have questions about the hCG diet? Come into our hCG clinic for a free consultation or give us a call at 843-815-7576.

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