Like many of us, you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s true. With so many of us on the go, we tend to grab whatever we can on our way out the door. Many of us grab a piece of fruit as we dash off to work and think that we’re eating healthy, however, the truth is that having a fruit-only breakfast is the wrong way to go. The goal is to pair fat-burning fruits, loaded with antioxidants and pair them with protein to help you make it to lunch.


Whole Grain

First step to creating a healthy breakfast is to stock up on your grains. Nixing refined white bread for good will have you feeling added health benefits because whole grains are full of nutrients. Whole grains are known for lowering risk for heart disease and provide essential nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, and fiber.


Most of us grew up our mothers serving up a big bowl of oatmeal before heading off to school. There’s no doubt that oats will curb your appetite, but the health benefits are undeniable. You might have noticed the addition of a heart-shaped sticker on your box of oatmeal. This symbolic seal represents eating oatmeal regularly helps lower cholesterol. Taking 15 minutes of your day to cook steel-cut oats could set you up for a great day. Simply steer away from the flavored variety (they’re loaded with sugar) and opt for a bit of honey, fruit, or nuts to sweeten those fiber-packed steel-cut oats. If you you’re not in the mood for a steaming bowl of oatmeal, try baking it into squares. Baking your own oatmeal squares makes for the perfect busy morning meal so you can grab and go!

Cold Cereal

Though many warn against eating cold cereal because of the sugar content, there are actually a few options for a nutritious morning meal. Simply check out the label to make sure that there is at least 3 grams of fiber and less than 6 grams of sugar per serving. Some of us grew up on cold cereal and just can’t let it go, but opting for cold cereal with almond milk is a great way to satisfy the early morning cravings without having to cook.



It’s no secret that eggs can be found in any healthy diet, and it’s clear why. Eggs are rich in protein and will help give you a morning boost of nutrients and sustain your appetite for longer. For those who are concerned with consuming bad cholesterol, make sure that you have enough fiber in your diet and keep your saturated fats low. Consuming lean proteins will assist your waistline tremendously.

Almond or Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and almond butter is a great resource for people who don’t get their protein from eggs or dairy. Though peanut butter has been knocked down over the years for being too fatty but in reality, natural peanut butter is an excellent source of monosaturated fat, which helps lower bad cholesterol. The key is to seek out a brand that has a limited amount of ingredients, the closer you get to eating pure peanuts the better. If you’re interested in an even healthier option you can opt for almond butter. This alternative has less saturated fat and has the added health benefits of almonds. Spreading either one over whole wheat bread or fruit can leave you with sustaining energy throughout the day.


As previously mentioned, you should avoid a fruit-only breakfast, but choosing to add a side of fruit to your morning meal will increase your immune system and pump up your fat-burning ability.


For those looking to shed a few pounds before summer hits, eating half of a grapefruit before your morning meal could help speed up the process. This tart fruit is full of fat-burning properties and works brilliantly with your blood sugar and insulin levels. Grapefruit is also hydrating, filling, and packed with antioxidants to boost your mood and immunity.


Berries are known as superfoods because they are high in antioxidants and don’t add to your calorie count for the day. A cup of fresh strawberries can fulfill your daily allotment of vitamin C and sweeten up your grains without piling on the sugar of a jam or jelly. Recent studies show that eating at least three servings of strawberries and blueberries during your week can lower your risk of having a heart attack.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring in order to be quick and it doesn’t have to leave you hungry for the rest of the day. By combining fruit, protein, and whole wheat into your breakfast you’ll provide the nourishment your body needs and set yourself up for healthier habits throughout the day.

At Equilibrium, our Holistic Nutritionists are dedicated to helping you reach your short-term and long-term goals. We set up individualized meal plans to assist you with sustainable results for a healthier life.

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