Anyone who has gone through weight loss will know how difficult it can be, whether it’s getting the weight off or keeping it off. But therein lies the problem—you have to go through it to know what it’s like, so if you’re a beginner to health and fitness, you might be a little confused at first. Here are some weight loss tips for first-timers and beginners to this new and improved lifestyle:

1. Take it slow.

When in doubt, contact a professional. Doing your own research is all well and good, however enlisting the help of a seasoned professional will provide an unparalleled level of information. Weight loss clinics are going to be your new best friend for any questions or doubts, so don’t be scared!

2. Plan your meals.

Here’s another scenario where you might want to consult a professional. Think of the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” If you just leave your food choices up to the places you go, chances are, you’ll be cheating way more than you should. In planning your meals, ensure that you are getting the proper amount of nutrition while still keeping yourself happy once in a while.

3. Find someone young/er to work alongside you.

If you’re over the age of 40, you might find yourself being less active than when you were still in your 20s—that’s perfectly normal. However, that may not be helping your weight loss, so it pays to have someone younger around to keep you active, such as a niece or a younger sibling. In addition to the pleasant company, you’ll be able to compare and share your experiences with someone as well.

4. Have some snacks ready!

Regardless of whatever program you’re on, snacking is inevitable. By preparing some quick snacks, you avoid grabbing unnecessary but convenient junk like chips, fast food, instant noodles and the like. Whether you’re rushing out the door because you’re late for work, or you just want to have something light in between meals, quick but healthy snacks are great to have handy.

5. Flavor your water.

Fruits are healthy, but can be high in sugar. So if you were to eat tons and tons of mangoes every day, that’s not exactly contributing towards your weight loss—quite the opposite actually. If you’re craving for fruits but have already hit your fructose (sugar found in fruits) quote for the day/week, try adding a couple of slices of your fruit of choice to a pitcher of water. It will add some flavor to your water without outright depositing the same amount of fructose you would have ingested if you ate a whole serving of fruit.

There you have it! Easy peasy! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our weight loss clinic!


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