shutterstock_230124133After they finish the hCG diet, many of our patients are concerned about how to maintain their incredible weight loss results, especially around high-temptation times such as the holidays. The fact is that while the fat loss you experience on the hCG diet is permanent, it doesn’t mean that your body will not add on NEW fat once you slide back into your unhealthy eating habits. To avoid gaining new weight after the hCG diet, you must change your lifestyle. Here are some healthy eating tips for Hilton Head and Savannah residents who have completed our weight loss program.


Eat Healthily, Live Well, and Stay Thin!

  • In the past, your diet likely consisted of foods that were high in calories yet low in nutritional value. After the hCG diet, it’s important to carefully evaluate which foods you intend to make staples in your regular diet.
  • Consume fewer foods that are high in fat and sugar. While you can certainly indulge in your favorite junk foods every now and then without risking weight gain, it’s critical that you don’t allow yourself to slide back into your old eating habits. Junk foods should be “sometimes” foods, while healthy foods should be “almost always” foods.
  • Choose foods that work as fuel for your body. When we eat healthily, we have more energy, we can think more clearly, and our bodies just work better overall.
  • When it comes to protein, choose lean meats over fatty meats. Fit fruits and vegetables into your diet whenever possible.
  • Drink plenty of water! Choosing water over sodas, alcohol, and sugary juices is a wise choice.

Portion Control Tips

  • Portion control is a big problem for many people today! Our portion sizes have steadily increased over the years, contributing to our country’s obesity problem. While you can certainly eat more than you did during the hCG diet program, you still need to make sure you are not overeating (even healthy foods).
  • When eating out, keep in mind that restaurants almost always serve much more than one person needs to eat in one sitting. Consider splitting your meal with someone else, or eat half of your meal at the restaurant and take the other half home for lunch the next day.
  • Measure out your portions and eat from a separate plate or container rather than just eating out of the box/bag/dish. This allows you to stop when you’ve reached your limit, preventing overeating.

For more healthy eating tips, visit our weight loss clinic in Hilton Head-Savannah.



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