For many people, going on a diet is simply not enough to inspire a lifelong lifestyle change. It helps to have a fitness routine alongside it that you can follow for when you are no longer using hCG as a weight loss aid. hCG cannot be used like a multivitamin that you can take everyday for as long as you want; it’s meant to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, but you’re meant to continue it on your own. Think of it as a mighty push in the right direction. Coupled with a healthy 500-calorie diet to teach you proper eating habits, you will have the tools necessary to embark on your own weight loss journey after the Equilibrium Protocol.

1. Pilates is fun!

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Pilates is great fun. That’s probably why so many people have picked up the new fitness-dance activity. It’s great for people who don’t have any desire to pump iron in a gym. Instead, you get a group activity with a heavy Latin-dance influence. If you do a lot of dancing already, Pilates is an excellent activity for you because you’ll be doing something you love.

2. Pilates gets your heart pumping.

It is a well-known truth that cardio exercises are a good way to burn calories and for the heart. The problem with that is people think doing cardio means endless hours on the stairmaster. That’s not very inspiring is it? With Pilates, you can shake your hips for about 40 minutes to an hour per session.

3. Pilates incorporates weight-training as well.

Weights are optional, but can really help your weight loss progress in your Pilates classes. Of course as your fitness level improves, you’re going to need to add more of a challenge to keep your body from plateauing.

As you can see, Pilates and hCG make a powerful combo. Whether Pilates is used as a follow-up or a supplement to our Equilibrium Protocol program is up to you, but bear in mind that the results largely depend on the effort you put in and your level of commitment to your program.

Contact our clinic in Southlake for more information on how Pilates and our hCG Equilibrium Protocol can help you!


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