The Equilibrium Weight Loss Program goes further beyond its competitors because you don’t have to lift a single finger, weight or cable to lose remarkable amounts of weight in just a short period of time; although, there’s definitely no stopping you if you’re willing to go the extra mile for health and fitness. Here’s how:

1. Take the bike to work.

Learning to commute to work could be one of the best and easiest things you could do to make you more active and fit. Keep a spare set of work clothes in the office in case you decide to opt for a greener way to get to work – jogging, walking or cycling. You’re doing your heart a huge favor, and you’re doing your part in making the world a better place to live in.

2. Instead of the elevator, learn to use the stairs.

You may think of the stairs as nothing more than a hassle, but it does have its uses. There’s a reason why there are products that mimic the action of going up and down stairs. It strengthens the quads and calves, and even tones your rear. Plus points!

3. Surround yourself with children.

Being around young kids really does make a difference in your life. For one, they move a lot quicker, so you’ll be forced to catch up to them. Even if you aren’t a fan of kids, you’ll still find yourself babysitting them for a few hours at least once in your life. It won’t hurt to spend the day in the park, will it?

4. Wear some weights underneath your clothes for a couple of hours a day.

Try wearing ankle weights as you go about your day. Nothing has to change; you just have a little extra weight on you. What’s great about this is that you can bring it anywhere as long as your clothes cover it. Slacks won’t be a problem, but you can also wear a weight around your waist if you’re wearing a skirt.

5. Go out dancing.

Just because you’ve gotten older doesn’t mean the end of fun times. Dancing is an excellent way of working up a sweat, but it can be a social activity at the same time. Who knows, maybe you can even find a new partner!

Remember that the Equilibrium Weight Loss Plan was not made for you to be on forever. It’s meant to jumpstart your weight loss, to help encourage you to maintain it once you see the positive results. Contact our Savannah clinic now to learn more about how WE can help YOU!


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