After you have made the decision to lose weight, your next step should be to look for a doctor who specializes in weight loss. The hCG diet is simply not one you should attempt on your own; it is a highly effective diet, but only under the guidance of someone who has experience with it. Our Savannah weight loss doctors have years of experience helping people just like you lose weight quickly and easily.

The Pitfalls of hCG Dieting On Your Own

  • Since there are so many companies selling hCG online, many people may believe they can just purchase hCG and begin to follow the hCG diet on their own. Our Savannah hCG clinic begs to differ!
  • Unfortunately, following the hCG diet without the guidance of an experienced hCG doctor often leads to disaster.
  • Many hCG products sold online, such as drops and sprays, are homeopathic, meaning they are diluted.
  • The FDA has made homeopathic hCG products illegal because they do not actually cause weight loss.
  • Some products being sold as hCG products do not even contain actual hCG.
  • During the hCG diet, the amount of hCG is very important. Following the diet without medical guidance likely will not result in drastic weight loss and may cause damage to your health.

Why You Need an hCG Doctor

  • By going to an hCG doctor, you can be sure you are following the diet correctly and are on track to reach your weight loss goal.
  • An hCG doctor will make sure that you are staying healthy throughout the hCG diet.
  • An hCG doctor will be available to answer any questions you may have and give you customized meal plans and other weight loss tools.

What to Look For in an hCG Doctor

  • Look for weight loss doctors who are medically licensed. Your health is too important to entrust it with just anyone. Our weight loss doctors in Savannah are licensed MDs.
  • Your hCG doctor should use the proper form of hCG. Our clinic uses only high quality hCG injections in optimal amounts for weight loss.
  • Your hCG diet doctor should be able to provide testimonials from patients he or she has helped lose weight on the hCG diet.

Our Savannah weight loss doctors are ready to help you achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle. If you live in the Hilton Head-Savannah area, simply give us a call to schedule your free consultation and start losing weight.

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