Before and after a diet, girl surprised by measuring waistAdhering to your diet may not be the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re around donuts and cake all day at work. Bless your colleagues for being thoughtful, but that’s not exactly conducive to your weight loss goals and overall lifestyle change, is it? So how do you find a balance between the real world and your diet?

1. Have one bite

Some people have a problem with self-control after having one bite. Others are satisfied with just a taste. If you are the latter, go for it and set aside any guilt. One bite certainly won’t hurt, IF you can stop after one bite. If you’re really strict, you can even spit out the bite once you’ve chewed and savored the flavors. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Do whatever works for you.

2. Plan ahead

For planned events such as birthdays or company outings, plan ahead and check out the menu of the restaurant you’re eating at. If you don’t know weeks or days beforehand, certainly you can check it out on your smartphone on the way, right? Or heck, park your car and wait before getting out so that you can see what to order. Form a plan before you enter the restaurant, before you are bombarded with delicious smells and sights.

3. Don’t let anyone peer-pressure you

Sometimes others don’t realize how much harder it is to say “no” when food is offered up to you constantly. It also doesn’t help when they try to guilt trip you into doing things you’re not too keen on doing. Don’t let outside forces derail you especially if you don’t even really feel the need to indulge in whatever food it is that they’re offering just to appease them. It’s YOUR life; YOU have to deal with the consequences of what you eat, not them.

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