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With the temperature up and the school year winding down, our diets and exercise regimens begin to change too. Summer can be one of the best times to take your routine to the next level, and make it more fun than ever. From easy snacks to entertaining ways to burn some of your piña colada calories, there are several simple, key tactics to maintaining your body this summer, and have fun while you’re doing it.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things to make sure you’re doing is drinking a lot, and I mean a lot of water. Even when you don’t think you’re thirsty, your body needs water to properly maintain its full hydration. You may think your body is telling you its hungry, when in reality, you’re just thirsty. So, before you resort to chips, cookies, etc. drink a glass of water and see if those hunger pains don’t start to cease.

Fresh and Fruity

To make sure you don’t get dehydrated, it’s not only important that you’re proactive in what you’re drinking, but also what you’re eating. Watermelon is a perfect summer snack because it’s 92% water content, and is approximately 90 calories for 2 full cups. One of the best resources to take full advantage of in the summer is a farmer’s markets. Because they are usually exclusive in the summer months, ranging from April to September, farmer’s markets are a great way to make healthy choices more fun. The Bluffton Farmer’s Market is open all day every Thursday, and is usually full of fun entertainment, live music and thrifty vendors, in addition to all the great produce that the Lowcountry gleans in the summertime.

Socially and Physically Active

Summer is the best time to get outside and get active. Instead of spending these beautiful days inside a gym, take the opportunity to get outside and take part in activities that will not only burn some calories, but also be fun for you and your family. Evening bike rides are a great way for seeing your environment from a different perspective, and they definitely take spin class to a whole new level. Fun, sporty activities like beach volleyball, soccer or kickball in the park and kayaking along the river; are all great ways to keep your energy up while also making memories that you’ll keep with you for a lifetime. And we all know that swimming is a game changer when it comes to working out. Not only does it work practically every muscle in your body, but you’ll also be able to stay cool even on the hottest of days.

Save Your Skin

A vital last step to surviving the summer healthily, is to make sure that you’re keeping your skin safe from the sun by applying as much SPF as you can. According to the American Cancer Society, you should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater. “Broad spectrum sunscreens” have been proven to protect the skin against UVA and UBV rays. One of the most important things to remember about sunscreen is to reapply often. Swimming, sweating, etc. can make your sunscreen wear off more easily, making it less effective.


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