Whether you’re recovering from an injury, 70 years old, or a triathlon competitor, swimming could be just the ticket for you. Swimming a few times a week lowers blood pressure and allows you to exercise without causing any risk of injury.

It Combines Strength and Cardio Training
There’s much discussion about whether or not you should begin with cardio or with weight training when attempting to shed a few pounds and swimming eliminates that battle all together. Because you have to move constantly to avoid sinking, you’re doing massive amounts of cardio and due to the resistance of the water while you move it also acts as strength training for nearly every muscle in your body. In fact, while you’re swimming you’ll end up using more muscles than you would by lifting weights. Because of the added movement while swimming and trying to retain balance in the water, your body naturally works multiple muscles at one time instead of specifically targeting one muscle at a time.

Easy on the Joints
For those who have health restrictions or mobility limitations swimming is one of the best things you can do for your physical strength. The weightlessness experienced while floating in water eases the strain that would otherwise be put on your joints. The low impact nature of swimming allows you to have a high intensity workout on a regular basis without adding wear and tear on your body even over long periods of time. Studies even show that swimming after a strenuous workout is better than taking a rest day from dry land workouts.

Makes For Better Runners
Recent studies suggest that swimming can actually make you a better runner because it’s the best way to get breathing under control. Swimming enhances your body’s capability to take in more fresh air with every breath and expel more carbon dioxide with every exhale you make. By developing your ability to breathe more effectively, you’ll increase your level of endurance. Swimming is a great way to train your body to work more efficiently by moving in fluid motions.

Relieves Stress
It’s well known that exercising is one of the best ways to relieve stress but swimming is one of the best ways to do that. Just as exercising releases endorphins, submerging your body in water has a way of dulling the amount of sensory information that your body processes. By removing some of your body’s natural responses you’ll find yourself more relaxed because your body isn’t responding to various sensations.

Aside from the obvious health advantages, swimming has the power to open you up to new experiences. Suddenly your beach vacations get a little more adventurous because you’re able to experience water in a whole new way.

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