MeditatingWith the emergence of an increased emphasis on all natural products, from food to beauty, its not a surprise that people are beginning to practice a more holistic regimen when it comes to their meals, as well as their skincare routines. Some of these trends are easier than others to adapt into your lifestyle, and can have an awesome array of benefits to your health and well being.


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling, the Ayurvedic term Gandusha, is a technique that involves swishing one to two teaspoons of oil in the mouth as part of a morning routine. Recommended oils are usually organic and cold-pressed; most like coconut for its sweet taste, another favorite is sesame. Swishing the oil around your teeth, gums and tongue breaks down bacteria formed in your mouth and draws toxins out of the salivary glands. What’s even better is the more you pull, the harder it is for bacteria to continue to form. Oil pulling can help prevent gum disease, oral cavities as well as give you a brighter, whiter smile.


Bone Broth

Bone broth may sound a little scary, but the benefits that it yields are definitely worth the gross factor. Essential to making a good bone broth is having the boniest of the bones; chicken feet, chicken necks, beef knuckles, etc. Add the bones into a crock-pot with the trinity vegetables (carrots, onion and celery), a little vinegar and your favorite herbs. Pour water over the contents, bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for up to 48 hours. Bone broth is rich in protein and minerals, and is specifically high in glycine and gelatin, which are known to support the body’s detoxification process of natural chemicals as well as digestion through the secretion of gastric acids.



The term “matcha” actually means powdered tea. Unlike a regular green tea, where components of the tea leaves are infused into hot water; to make matcha, the tea leaves have actually been finely powdered and made into a solution which develops into a creamy froth. Matcha is high in natural antioxidants, specifically EGCg (widely known for it’s cancer fighting properties). It also boosts memory and concentration, increases energy level and endurance and has a naturally calming effect.



To “eye-palm,” simply warm your hands by rubbing them together, close your eyes, press the heel of each palm on the corresponding cheekbone and cup your fingers over your eyelid. Stay in this position for about five minutes, simultaneously using deep-breathing techniques. The heat and pressure from your hand transferred to your eye can rest the optic nerve and relieve tension in the muscles around the orbital bones. Not only can the technique improve your overall eye health, but it can also relieve migraines, headaches and relax the muscles that can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Say goodbye to crow’s feet!



The most simple of all, tongue scraping can unclog the tongue’s pores, enabling your taste buds to be more sensitive and allowing you to fully taste your food and feel more satisfied. Before you brush your teeth, but after you oil-pull, gently slide a metal scraper the size of your tongue from the back to the tip of your tongue, then along the sides. Tongue scraping can cause fresher breath, a decrease in plaque and result in healthier gums.




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