shutterstock_270403325It pays to have scientific evidence to back up your claims, but that isn’t always an accurate gauge of a diet’s effectivity. Some diets can help you lose tons of weight in just a short amount of time, but more often than not, those diets will pose some health risks and side effects.

Benefits of Artificial Sweeteners

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of Artificial sweeteners is its ability to control your insulin levels. By doing so, it can help reduce body fat. Artificial sweeteners also supposedly help the body burn calories. Artificial sweeteners have also been reported to reduce the likelihood of diabetes in adults, in addition to its ability lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Disadvantages of Artificial Sweeteners

On the other hand, Artificial sweeteners are just that– artificial. It can make it seem like you have higher energy levels, making you more susceptible to ‘crashes’ or rapid drops in energy levels, leaving you lethargic and sluggish. Another disadvantage to Artificial sweeteners is it reported side effects which include the development of cancer. Need we say more?

Artificial sweeteners or the Equilibrium Protocol?

At the end of the day, you want something that will provide you the results you seek with the least disadvantages and side effects. While Artificial sweeteners may or may not cause any side effects and benefits, it would not provide adequate weight loss results. However, the Equilibrium Protocol has also been proven effective but without the side effects. It’s simply the best weight loss option out there with weight loss results of up to 30lbs. in just one month! Contact us now to get started on your weight loss journey!


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