Losing weight is tough. That’s just the way it is. You need to come to terms with this fact from the beginning because there’s no telling what will happen if you encounter these challenges without any mental preparation. It could make or break you, so steel yourself for whatever may come because it will.

1. The Plateau

Your first few pounds will be relatively easy to use. Sometimes you can lose 10 pounds in a week easily. As you lose more weight and as you get closer to your goal weight, it gets harder and harder to shed pounds. Once again, that’s just how it is. You need to change up your program once in a while to shock your body into losing weight again. This could mean a change in exercise routines or by making small additions to your diet.

2. Cheat Days

Cheat days are normal but should be avoided. We all cave every once in a while, just don’t make it a habit. It’s easy to slip into old patterns when you keep allowing yourself to make mistakes.

3. No support

If you broadcast the fact that you’re trying to lose weight and don’t, be prepared for people to talk about you. Some will have some words of encouragement to help you, but others will talk about you behind your back. They’ll make fun of you for not being able to accomplish your goals. You just have to accept that there will always be people who will be skeptical of you and what you’re capable of, so be sure to prove those people wrong. Don’t listen to them because only you know your struggles.

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