The Lie: Drinking Water Prevents Overeating
The Truth: Drinking a glass of ice water before your meal will help fill you up to prevent overeating, right? As it turns out, not so much. A nutritional study at Penn State found that water is ineffective when it comes to filling you up. Water doesn’t help trigger your satiety sensors the same way food does, so it doesn’t help fill your appetite. Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., a nutritional science professor at Penn State University, suggests a 150- to 200-calorie snack like an apple or cup of broth-based soup before chowing down for your evening meal. Research proves this will help you consume 20 percent fewer calories over the course of your evening.

The Lie: The Fewer Calories, the Better
The Truth: Thought it’s true that dropping calories is essential to dropping pounds, but one reason people eventually hit plateaus is because eating too little slows down your metabolism. Consuming at least 1,200 calories of healthy foods will help you lose more weight overtime. But you’ll have to be careful about grazing and not paying attention. Though many dieters are successful with frequent, small meals, grazing throughout the day is not the same thing. A handful of candy from the front desk in the office, or a handful of salt-coated peanuts at happy hour is adding to your caloric intake without providing any substance to your diet. Success with weight loss is found by carefully measuring both snacks and meals throughout the day and consistency over time is key to making your long-term goal.

The Lie: You Should Take It (Off) Slow
The Truth: Though rapid weight loss can result in the yo-yo effect if it’s not done so properly. But in truth, your diet doesn’t need to slowly fade at a half-pound-per-week rate. As long as you’re going about it in a safe way, it’s fine to drop five pounds in one week. Research says that working with a tighter deadline can actually increase motivation. For those in a hurry to reach your weight loss goals without hunger pains, the hGC diet program weight loss program could be the solution for you. It is an hGC diet program focusing on daily caloric intake restriction complemented by hCG injections. These two elements work together to burn a significant quantity of fat in a short period of time without reducing your muscle mass.

What are the benefits of the hCG diet plan from Equilibrium hCG Diet Hilton Head Savannah?

  • The ability to quickly and easily drop fat while maintaining lean muscle mass
  • A natural diet regime that is good for your health
  • No excess skin flaps because hCG will tighten and enhance your skin
  • Food that is healthy, appealing, and easy to prepare
  • No strenuous exercise necessary
  • No more feeling of hunger, as hCG works by feeding off broken down fat
  • Weight loss you can maintain because the diet reprograms your hypothalamus
  • 100% safe with medical supervision every step of the way



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