Here at Equilibrium of the LowCountry, we treat our patients as individuals, giving them a personalized plan and doing whatever it takes to help them reach their goals. Many wonder, what is the hCG diet? Here are your answers:


What is hCG?

hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural human hormone produced by pregnant women to help control their ‘baby weight’. It kicks the metabolism into high gear resulting in burning stored fat in the body. Your body can then feed on the broken down fat, which nourishes it.

How does hCG work as a diet plan?

When you combine hCG with a reduced calorie eating plan, hCG will pull stored fat into the bloodstream to meet the body’s metabolic needs that are not being met by the calories being consumed. Since the body’s metabolic needs are being 100% met with the stored fat, the body finds no reason to decrease the metabolism despite the reduced, calorie eating plan resulting in the patient losing the caloric difference from fat between what they are eating and what their body requires to live.

How does the hCG diet work at Equilibrium of the LowCountry?

The hCG diet is a natural process where our patients consume a healthy, low calorie diet and take injections of the natural hormone, hCG. We help our patients accomplish safe weight loss by providing an hCG diet plan that works with their body to naturally drop pounds of fat while retaining important muscle mass. You will have regular appointments with a licensed M.D.; Equilibrium hCG doctors have years of experience helping people use the hCG diet to achieve major weight loss.

The hCG diet is a revolutionary solution for getting rid of unwanted body fat. To learn more about our hCG diet, or to schedule your first appointment, call us today!


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