Just like every other year, we understand that 2018 started with a new gym membership, a better diet, saving money and spending more time doing the things you love. Are you starting to realize that balancing everything in your busy schedule, including weight loss, isn’t as easy as you thought?


Many factors go into weight loss; it is more than eating healthy and exercising the right way, it is a combination of properly taking care of your body. However, if you are not invested in eating clean and making smart choices, your weight loss results will be compromised. The stigma around the word “healthy” makes us think tasteless, bland, and gives us the impression that no matter how many fruits and vegetables we eat, our body won’t be full.

At EQ Balance, our program works by having you take a low dosage of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) each day and following a specific diet, without the need for strenuous exercise or starvation. Our program allows you to work through a simple lifestyle modification that can help past the timeline of our treatments. This will help your body rid itself of harmful fat that is stored and will keep your metabolism elevated, while maintaining your current muscle mass. We encourage you to set goals, improve your diet, increase exercise and monitor your food intake in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Our program is aimed to help participants lose anywhere from 3-7 pounds of fat per week!

Other diet programs require intense sacrifices and hassles of working out or consuming lavish and difficult-to-make meals. In addition to a licensed dietary and medical physician, EQ Balance will help you go through the program step by step.

You can keep your New Year’s weight loss resolution; EQ Balance has just made it a lot easier! For more information about the hCG diet program from EQ Balance, contact the office and schedule your free consultation.


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