Equilibrium Longevity Program


Since the advent of modern technology and latest medical knowledge, attaining the maximum lifespan (125 years) of every man is now more possible. Based on statistics, the U.S. is among the countries with the most number of centenarians and also, the average lifespan of an American is now increased to 79 years.  In addition, anti-aging management is now a recognized specialization in preventive medicine and it is now believed to be the latest trend in modern health care. Our institution, Equilibrium, is one of the specialized clinics that provide this anti-aging management and we can be your guide and partner for you to achieve maximum control of your aging process. We believe that early medical intervention in every age-associated disease is the key to prevent the detrimental and deadly effects of aging.


Our Approach

The Equilibrium Longevity Program is not just some conventional medical package. We provide a holistic approach for you to age slowly and smoothly. Our program will help you in your aging process through:

  • Initial Medical Consult (history, examination, and analysis) with Regular Follow-Ups
  • Lifestyle and Overall Health Status Evaluation
  • Laboratory Tests and Interpretation
  • Healthy Diet Plan and Nutritional Advice
  • Stress, Sleep and Exercise Management
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy


If you have any inquiries or questions about our Equilibrium Longevity Program, you can schedule a free consultation with our medical team at hCG Low Country (Savannah-Hiltonhead) today by dialing our landline 843-815-7576!


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