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Hi, I’m Jenny Lockhart and I would love to help you make positive changes in your life! I provide the strategies and support to help you improve your relationships, career, health, happiness and well-being.

Most people think that if they feel bored, stuck or frustrated with something in their life that it requires a drastic change to improve it –  get a divorce, quit a job or move to another place.  Really it is small changes that can dramatically improve how happy and fulfilled you are even with the same job, home and relationship.

You are ready for coaching if:

  • You feel stuck – in a job, a relationship or a life you have outgrown
  • You don’t feel joyful or passionate about life anymore
  • You have been trying to change something in your life – your weight/health, career or relationship situation and have been unsuccessful at doing it yourself and need additional support.
  • You are going through a major life transition – divorce, death in the family, having a baby, retirement, job loss or empty nest and need some help dealing with it and redesigning your life in the wake of this change.

To help you start off the New Year I’m offering a free one hour consultation for Equilibrium Weight Loss and  Longevity  clients -a $100 value.

Call me now to schedule your appointment at 843-384-9166, or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jenny Lockhart