As the saying goes, “Age is just a number.” It’s been used too many times, but that doesn’t make it any less true. You are as old as you feel and as old as you believe yourself to be. Save for some physical limitations once in a while, you can truly be as young as you CHOOSE to be. The CHOICE to look and feel younger is in your hands. You alone can influence the way you project yourself from the inside out. If your health isn’t on point, your physical appearance will reflect it. So how do you take care of both your inside beauty and outside beauty?

1. Proper diet and exercise

First and foremost, get your diet and exercise routines under control. Discipline yourself. If you can’t do both, that’s fine; just choose one. But there has to be at least one. Some diet programs require you to be active and put in hours of work almost every day. If this isn’t plausible for you, don’t force it. Ease into it if you can, otherwise just go with what you are capable of while still pushing yourself. The HCG diet does not require exercise; it is just diet.

2. Adequate sleep

Sleeping is such an important part of recovery. People think that this is something that we can just sacrifice for other things such as late night partying, long hours at work, or just plain insomnia, but sleep is so important for wellness and overall health. It is non-negotiable; get some sleep.

3. Permanent Solutions

Since you are now somewhat older and more mature, it’s time to stop thinking temporary fixes and more along the lines of a permanent solution. It applies to everything in life. Think long term investments, stable income, good retirement benefits, and more. It’s the same thing with health and fitness. With the HCG diet, your hypothalamus gland is reset so that your metabolism is humming and running efficiently so that you aren’t saddled with a sluggish metabolism.

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