So many people fall victim to scams, but don’t reap the benefits of whatever weight loss supplement or diet they choose. It’s either the sales pitch was that good or they just didn’t do any research beforehand. We’re here to give you more information about the hCG diet so you can decide if it’s right for you.

The hCG diet is different than any other diet, primarily because of how quick you can see results. While the hCG diet does require you to eat healthier, the EQ Boost that our clients get are the major cause of weight loss. It is an hGC diet program focusing on daily caloric intake restriction supplemented with hCG injections. These two elements work together to burn a significant quantity of fat in a short period of time without reducing your muscle mass.

Being in a holistic approach, diets and other supplements need not be the only basis for the success of the program. Exercise and keeping the body healthy and fit, is also important and will contribute in the overall success of this regime. In particular, cardio workouts such as 30 minutes on treadmill 2 to around 3 times per week, though not mandatory will most likely accelerate the benefits received.

This diet programs offers excellent results especially for individuals willing to seriously lose weight with dedication and determination. However, only one can decide if this is indeed the right program for them. For more information about the hCG diet program from EQ Balance, contact the office and have a free consultation scheduled today!


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