The hCG Diet Savannah-Hilton Head Program

Individualized in every client, the hCG Diet plan readily available at the Equilibrium Savannah-Hilton Head clinic is a great option for you to shed those unhealthy fats – the main culprit of your excess body weight and unhealthy state.

Our plan is all-inclusive. A complete medical interview as well as physical examination by an M.D. will be required along with the essential laboratory tests before you start the program. This overall and thorough assessment of your health status will allow us to strategize the most appropriate and specialized weight loss program for you. Nutritional and dietary instructions and guidelines are also included.

Weight loss treatments, shots, and/or medications may also be given for you to achieve your most ideal weight in a fast rate and in the healthiest way during the cycle. We also have a 24/7 expert phone support from highly-trained Equilibrium staff that will be of assistance towards your most appropriate weight!

Body composition analysis, after cycle laboratory tests, and nutritional guidelines and instructions during your transition state when you achieve your target weight will also be provided. A cycle of the program is around 4 to at most, 8 weeks, depending on the individual needs and cooperation with the clients.


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