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One of our superstar Alumni is Susan who lost her weight in style and was so kind to share her story below with CB2 and Elyse.

There’s no secret, losing weight is difficult.

The Boston Medical Center indicates that 45 million americans diet each year; two-thirds of adults in the united States are obese or overweight. Finding a diet program that works for you will help your health, appearance, and self-esteem; it will transform your life!Let’s hear from someone that found such a program:

If I Can Do This, anyone Can!

“Hi, my name is Susan Wheeler from Savannah, Georgia. I’m so excited I found HCG! I’ve struggled with my weight for the last 16 years. When I started HCG, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. It was the worst I’ve ever felt physically and emotionally. I felt hopeless. I’ve tried everything to lose weight; nothing worked. Even though I felt bad about myself for being overweight, I continued to eat. I could not think of anything else I could do to get control of my weight. I had such an unhealthy relationship with food.It’s a simple plan. It’s not easy. There have been challenges… I love sweets and fried foods, but then I started thinking, “What am I putting in my body? What have I done to it all these years eating so badly?” I realized this was an opportunity for me to not only lose weight and feel better about myself, but to also do a total body cleanse. now I think about what I put into my body and I choose the right foods. I have continued to lose weight even after transitioning off of HCG.The payoff is so worth it! I‘ve lost 30 pounds; I wake up in the morning and say, “Oh my God I’m so amazed! Look at my body—it’s changing!” It’s been such a wonderful experience. I look and feel younger. When I started HCG, I was immediately impressed with the support I got. I’ve been on other programs and once you pay, they send you home with a book. On this program I look forward to my weekly coaching sessions, because they are as excited as I am about what I’m accomplishing; I could call or e-mail anytime. after all of these years of struggling, if I can do this, anyone can!”

The HCG diet that Susan used has been around for over 40 years. It’s the result of research done by British endocrinologist, Dr. a.T. Simeons. He determined that by using a naturally occurring human hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), in conjunction with a diet of specific fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, the body would mobilize visceral fat (fat you don’t want) and result in average weekly weight losses of 4-7 pounds.a key to this process is that HCG works on the hypothalamus (the gland in your brain that controls heartbeat, breathing, and providing your body with “fuel”). Dr. Simeons learned that with HCG, the hypothalamus would release visceral fat to be used as an energy source. That fat movement allows the dieter to consume significantly less calories than they could on other programs since the body is getting its metabolic needs (energy) from the fat. HCG is naturally created by women during pregnancy. One of its primary roles is to assist in the transfer of fat (nutrition) from the mother to the fetus. The dosages used for weight loss are dramatically lower than what is created naturally by women during pregnancy. It is not a sex hormone and can be used safely by men and women for weight loss. approved by the FDA, weight loss is considered an off-label use of HCG.

What do I need To know about an hCG program?

1. Support: The HCG diet is simple (specific quantities of specific foods purchased at the grocery store) but it is not easy for everyone. The difference between total compliance and minor deviations to the food can create significant differences in weight loss. as Susan mentioned, the weekly/daily support was critical to her success. Make sure you will get the support you need to be successful.
2. Make sure that a doctor examines and approves you to be on HCG. There are some, but not many, pre-existing conditions that might exclude you.
3. your program must include a prescription for HCG. you’ll find products in stores and on the Internet that claim to be HCG. If it doesn’t include a prescription, it’s not HCG. using those products in conjunction with the low calorie diet can be dangerous.
4. Dr. Simeon used injectable HCG. additional delivery methods are now available, but injections provide the most consistent and effective delivery of HCG into the body.The long term success rate for HCG is excellent. The eating habits you learn while on the program are the foundation of a transformation to your life!

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